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OoSnapp can design you a traditional book, a beautiful book cover; a graphic novel including the illustrations; a picture book; a magazine or a cookbook (and so on). Based on your Project Request, we will do the leg work of designing your book by utilizing our team of designers and photographers. We can also get your publication printed and promoted. If there is a service that you need that we are unable to provide, we will do the grunt work with locating contracted services.


Our design process is based upon the 3-key milestones with creating your book:

  • 1:1 Project Consultation: The Client meets with an OoSnapp Designer/Illustrator, to discuss the project and to go over the proposed budget. A project budget is a requirement. The Client and the OoSnapp Designer/Illustrator will develop a project agreement which outlines prefer communication and content sharing practices, as well as helps translate the scope of the work to the Designer/Illustrator.

  • Storyboard Development: This stage is outlining the book. Based upon the needs of the client during the 1:1; the client will either assist with the management of the project or OoSnapp will be granted permission to self manage. A storyboard will be sketched and finalized. The client will be provided with a Dummy Book/Rough Draft Book and a service request quote for Finalizing the Publication.

  • Finalizing the Publication: With a finalized storyboard and prototype book, our Designer/Illustrator will begin to develop your book. Included in this design package, the client will be provided with a summary report, 10 printed copies of the publication, digital copies of the publication (e-book & PDF), listing on our website and our other online platforms.

You have completed the manuscript, so now what? There are several different options that you can take as an author.

Option 1: Submit your content to a publishing company.

  • Pros: Getting your book published & distributed is a complete package.

  • Cons: If you are a new author and have not that many followers, it may be very difficult to get a publishing deal. On top of that, publishing companies have very strict (and in some cases unusual) guidelines and criteria for authors.

Option 2: Vanity Publishing Companies

  • Pros: More flexibility with publishing criteria and will have access to distribution opportunities. One-Stop to publishing your book. 

  • Cons: There are a lot of Vanity Publishing companies with a bad reputation. That will swindle their customers for money like a very bad used car salesman. 

Option 3: Self-Publishing

  • Pros: Full Control over your publication, copyright

  • Cons: 100% responsible for managing everything else that comes with publishing a book, from distributing, creating commercials, developing marketing plans, designing the book/cover, finding an editor, finding vendors, etc.

Option 4: OoSnapp LLC

  • Pros: Full Control over your publication, copyright

  • Cons: none.

We are not a publishing company. We are a design company that has experience with publishing, selling and distributing books.

We have successfully published books and magazines over the past few years. It only makes sense that we use our already established network to help others with amplifying their words.

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