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OoSnapp can create beautiful designs and illustrations that help your business stand out. From designing logos, tarot cards, playing cards, book graphics, brochures, banner designs, business cards, social media ads, and more... we have you covered. Our team goes above and beyond to develop, not only design but a look that you can continue to use infinitely. Design services include, but not limited to:


An Information graphic can be a banner for a website or an image with informative content. OoSnapp LLC can design an info graphic based off the data provided.

Starting at $350


A logo is a symbol that represents your Brand. Packages like Brand Development and Website Design, includes logo designing services. Individually, a logo design request can range in different costs.


Starting at $200


Social Media


Social Media Images, are typically advertisements that are made specifically to catch the eye of an online feed scroller. OoSnapp designs marketing images that will get potential customers to stop and read.

Starting at $150

designer business card

Business cards are a key marketing media that gets you customers and attention. OoSnapp Designers strive to go above standards. We can design your card to be standard or synced to a digital platform with a quick Smart Phone Scan to using different materials (metal, plastic, wood) to bring depth to your image!


Starting at $250


Cover Art

You have completed your manuscript or album, but now you need to look the part. OoSnapp LLC Illustrators can design the cover for your project. If you are looking for full book designs and illustrations, check out our Book Design/Illustration page. Our cover art design packages can offer diverse styles and genres.

Starting at $250



Branding is the illustration of a company, or a unique look that visually identifies your product or service. OoSnapp LLC designers can create dynamic looks to make your company stand out.


Starting at $2,220



Playing Cards

Have you ever wanted custom cards but don't know where to begin? We can create and design custom Playing Cards and Tarot Cards for your brand or book.

Starting at $2,050

Other Services

There are additional custom services that OoSnapp can create for you. We can build custom board games, print advertisements, brochures, banners, posters, stickers and more.



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